Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shamed into bloggin'!

Yes folks, I was shamed into bloggin'! I won't be so crass as to tell you who (PEG) shamed me so badly (PEG) but I'm sure some of you can figure it out! LOL
So my dear as-yet-unnamed friend (PEG), this blog's for you!!

I'll give you all an update in a nutshell...we spent a week up in Caraquet, New Brunswick at the Chalets de la Plage de Bas Caraquet (fancy frenchy for beach houses LOL) Now why, you may ask, would we drive 12+ hours to vacation in a rather obscure part of Canada? Well both my grandparents on my father's side were originally from this town, alot of my distant relatives still live locally and I spent many a summer as a child playing in the COLD Canandian surf ;) (ok so not the WHOLE summer, just 2 weeks, but when you're 8 yrs old and all the TV broadcasts are in french , including cartoons, it FEELS like the whole summer! LOL) It was a very laidback vacation which included some visiting with relatives, quality family time, the July 1st Fete du Canada (Canada day), lazy beach days and LOTS of seafood!

Some dining al fresco...

and some great sunny days....

make for a
Canandian vacation!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! There's only 6 weeks 'til Labor day, so let's enjoy the time we have!