Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can I cook yet?

Yes I can!!! After 7 long weeks, My kitchen is finished! (well pretty much, just a few small things more for me to do)

Here's some before and afters!

 I'm thrilled with how the kitchen and breakfast area came out! I do think I need a quilt for that big red wall though :) And it's all finished before the start of the summer season too!! woohoo!! Now to get some quilts done!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready for Retreat!!

Yes it's THAT time of year again!!! Quilt retreat is upon us and I'm heading out to Peg's in NJ in the wee wee WEE hours of the morning tomorrow! We'll drive to Indiana and should arrive by 6pm Tuesday night. We've got some shopping and lots of sewing and gabbing planned!!! Just can't wait to see all the girlies and get some well deserved R&R!! Be back in a week, see you then!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Grouted Floor and a Challenge Finish!

Well our floor is finally finished and grouted!!! Yahooo!!

Our contractor has promised us that our kitchen will be finished, minus the countertop, by Wednsday afternoon! After 4 weeks without a kitchen, I am SO glad it's almost finished!!

Since I haven't been much in the "cooking"
department, I have taken advantage of the free time to complete a BPF UFO Challenge quilt, Fresh Traditions! This will go to the newest addition in our family, my great-niece Susannah! I just have to put a label on it and mail it on it's way up north!

I did some digging in the dirty this afternoon, it is like a mid-summer's day out there today! I will take some pics of my flowers later this season, when they all start to bloom :)

Hope you all are enjoying a fabulous Sunday!