Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Grouted Floor and a Challenge Finish!

Well our floor is finally finished and grouted!!! Yahooo!!

Our contractor has promised us that our kitchen will be finished, minus the countertop, by Wednsday afternoon! After 4 weeks without a kitchen, I am SO glad it's almost finished!!

Since I haven't been much in the "cooking"
department, I have taken advantage of the free time to complete a BPF UFO Challenge quilt, Fresh Traditions! This will go to the newest addition in our family, my great-niece Susannah! I just have to put a label on it and mail it on it's way up north!

I did some digging in the dirty this afternoon, it is like a mid-summer's day out there today! I will take some pics of my flowers later this season, when they all start to bloom :)

Hope you all are enjoying a fabulous Sunday!



Anonymous said...

Very cute finish, reminds me of "Around the World" layout! Ahhh...did you say 4+ weeks w/o a kitchen? Oh no. I have an appt. tomorrow to get the ball rolling on our kitchen update. We aren't doing a new floor, so hopefully it will go faster, but if not, I'll just look forward to not cooking! :)

Laura-IH said...

Wow, Robin! The floor looks gorgeous! Nice job!

I really like your pink quilt, too. Your great-niece will cherish it! : )

See you soon!