Monday, November 26, 2012

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!

And it IS, it really IS! I love the holidays and everything that comes with them, including BONNIE HUNTER'S LATEST MYSTERY QUILT! This will be my 4th year participating in Bonnie's wonderful mystery and as typical of me, I am doing it in her colorway. I've also chosen to do as much of the sewing as possible on my beautiful Singer Featherweight, which was a birthday gift from Bill on my last birthday ;)

Here is my pretty girl and some of my 4 patch units...

And here are my fabrics, mostly pulled from my stash....although there might have been a little shopping done here and there to amend them :)

Lime Greens

And Turquoise!
and here are my finished part 1 units!! Man o man, is it Friday yet??? I am SO HAPPY that I only work until 11am on Fridays so I can get home early and work on the next mystery step!!

yup...I'm a Bonnie Addict...I admit it LOL

and thanks again Miss Bonnie for giving back to the quilting community in such grand style!

SO...are you playing along???

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have a wonderful and peaceful day!