Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Consumption be done about all these Ether Bunnies?

The title of my blog is the punchline of a VERY bad knock knock joke that I remember from my childhood! That stupid joke ran through my head for days while I was working on these little faux chocolate fellows! I have one basket on my coffee table, and the other baskets went to Michelle and Peg, my 2 best pals!

Here's a close-up of the milk chocolate bunny ;) The pattern was designed by Denise Davis of Sassafras Hill Primitives and was alot of fun to make!
Spring begins tomorrow and Easter is this Sunday! My gosh, the first quarter of 2008 is almost over! I better get some quilts finished!
So...what projects are you working on?


Michelle said...

I love my bunnies Robin! And thanks for the laugh with the knock-knock joke. I'd never heard that one before! I'm going to share it with the "boys." :)

Sassafras Hill Primitives said...

Robin, thank you so much for the email, the knockknock joke, and the mention on your blog! What a nice surprise and I love the way you arranged them in the baskets. Happy Easter hugs to you! ~Denise

Angela said...

These are adorable Robin. I love them. It is funny all 3 of you have sweet treats posted on your blogs. LOL