Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer's Harvest

Labor Day's come and gone and now our container garden is nearing the end of it's season..just a few tomatoes and peppers left! For the small number of plants we have, we sure do get a great amount of produce! Bill was inspired by the great colors and shapes, so here's some of Summer's end for you all to enjoy!

Hungry now? LOL


Michelle said...

Wow! Those tomatoes look absolutely delicious!! I'm going to do some container plants next year...yum!

peggy said...

I should do containers too....I don't enjoy the "gardening" but I think I could manage containers...The tomatoes look delish!!!!!

Conni said...

I'm looking at doing containers next spring as well!! And maybe a few raided beds, too!! Just love the colors...I see a tomato quilt in the future!! LOL!!!

Angela said...

But your dad has you covered for tomatoes doesnt he? LOL