Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here is the results of my blog giveaway!

Whirl into Winter Giveaway!!

Happy New Year everyone! We are celebrating our New Year in a New Home!!! Now I just wish I could have a New Back for the New Year as my old back is KILLIN' me from this move! LOL

Ok..enough of my moving aches and pains ;) I am participating in the Whirl into Winter Giveaway and here are my rules:

1) Only comments left between Jan 1, 2009 and Jan 15, 2009 will be eligible to win. I will be picking the winner's name on the night of Jan 15, 2009 and posting it to my blog.

2) Anyone who leaves a comment must either post their blog URL OR their email with their comment so that I have a way to contact you if you win! Only 1 entry per person please ;)

3) International contestants are welcome!

4) And here's a little twist to the your comment, please tell me your favorite remedy for an aching back!

These are the goodies I am giving away to a single winner:

My little friend, Peanut! He may not be exactly this same color , but he will come equipped with a stitch ripper and stork scissors!

I am also giving away a fashion scarf in Winter White, which is knit by me, and a nice assortment of Thimbleberries Fat Quarters!

So good luck to you all, and remember to go visit the main Whirl into Winter website to enter all the blog contests!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Since I can't sew...

I'll knit right now! LOL My sewing room is packed up and I still need something to keep my hands I'll just knit for awhile til I can sew again!

Years ago I was an avid knitter, but lost interest as I got older. Recently, knitting has regained it's popularity and my interest has been piqued! With so many free resources available online, how could I resist? 2 of my favorite sites for free patterns and info are Lion Brand yarns, and Patons.

My current project is this hat for's a simple ribbed hat with a turned up band. This is what I've done so far and I'm ready to start shaping the top within the next row or so ;) I'll post a pic of Bill wearing his hat when I'm done! I think I'll start a hat for myself when this project is done..I think we're in for a cold, snowy winter!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quilt Room in a Box!

This past summer, one of my 2 best pals, Michelle, moved from Washington to Idaho and had to pack up her whole sewing room! Here's her post regarding her "quilt room in a box"!

Well now it's MY turn to have my OWN Quilt Room in a Box! LOL My fabric stash is NOT packed yet...I will probably do that within the week as the movers will be here on the 26th ;)

Because of the timing of this move, we are not decorating for the holidays this year =( But we DO have Bill's blinky tree, and LOTS of holiday spirit, so I guess that's all we really need anyway!

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Has anyone put their tree up yet? I know some folks (us included) like to decorate right after Thanksgiving...but this year will be a bit different since we are moving the DAY after Christmas! LOL Who planned that??? LOL

So rather than put up a big tree, Bill, who is an Electrical Engineer by trade and an avid DIY electronic hobbist, decided to buy a kit to BUILD us a little electronic Christmas tree, complete with blinky lights ;) It has 30 different light patterns controlled by a if you have a home hobbist who likes to solder and does electronics, this might be a great gift for them! You can order a kit through Nuts And Volts magazine's website.

So check out Bill's little video clip and if you like his tree, drop him a line at