Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Decorating for Christmas!

It's that time of year again! This is our first year decorating for the holiday in our new home! We put our tree in the front room and realized that next year, we really need a taller tree! LOL
I also got these wonderful glitzy pieces at Sam's club and Kohls...they really compliment the room! I just love a little Christmas bling!

Here is our formal diningroom, and again a bit more glitz with the wonderful BIG centerpiece..Bill has a "thing" for big centerpieces! LOL

This is the quilt rack that my wonderful dad made me several years ago! It looks tremendous in our stairwell and really showcases my quilts and our nutcracker collection!

And in our bedroom, we have a little spindley christmas tree with all my handmade ornies on it! I think this is my favorite decoration of all since everything on it is made by my quilting friends! DH Bill is always asking to sleep with this tree lit up through the night! LOL He really is a little boy at heart ;) Maybe we'll try that during vacation when we don't have to get up early the next day! LOL

Hope you are all ready and decorated for the Holiday season, and hope you enjoyed the little tour of my favorite holiday decorations!


Anonymous said...

I don't mind a smaller tree as I get older. Actually, our decorations look better when not so spread out; and I can reach the top without a ladder. ;) I love your little bedroom tree with the hand-made ornaments from all your friends -- what a wonderful night light! You have a lovely new home, happy holidays!

Conni said...

What a gorgeous home, Robin! And I see my little ornie on your homemade tree!!!!

The Other Barb said...

thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations with us.All so pretty! I put my tree up yesterday. Everyting else was up. I would say..."now Christmas can come " but I have a few more presents to buy so I'll take the next 11 days that are left :)

Laura-IH said...

Wow, Robin! You have a beautiful home!