Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It really IS time to quilt!

'Cause I sure don't want to be anywhere else in the house today other than my quilting room! LOL There are lots of MEN down in my kitchen and I have NO kitchen at the moment! We are having renovations done, and this is my first official "Reno" experience! After a last minute call from our contractor late yesterday, I removed everything from the kitchen base cabinets and pantry.

Here's where it all ended up...do I look like a candidate for Hoarders? No? how about now?

He was at my door around 9 this morning and they wasted no time in stripping the kitchen to the walls and start laying our new floor!

where's my fridge and stove, you ask? Why HERE they are! Geez...I really AM a Hoarder LOL

We are hoping to have the floor finished by Friday of this week and we will call the appliance folks and the countertop folks and with some luck my kitchen will be completed before the end of the month!

 So what's a girl to do while she's got no kitchen? Why QUILT of course :) I'm going to finish up my pincushions for retreat, and my charity quilt, as well as a few other goodies! I wonder...will my sewing machine be loud enough to drown out the hammering? LOL


Diane H said...

What a wonderful excuse NOT to have to do anything in the kitchen!
Quilt away girl! Can't wait to see the new kitchen and the pile quilted goodies too.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Robin...I may be just starting this process. We are now gathering estimates. I hope to fare as well as you when the time comes!

Liz said...

You are such a baby horder. You don't know what REAL hording is girl! Ya wanna see some serious hording, go back through my kitchen remodel on webshots. Sheesh, THAT lady has serious issues! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. I bet it'll be awesome.

Linda B said...

Yeah, while we have been remodeling our kitchen, I have gotten alot of sewing and spinning done. I just try to stay out of DH's way, but be handy if he needs me. Darn.