Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little snow and some finishes!

Yea...we got a little snow...tell me what you think!

Bill's Pathfinder is under can just make out the sideview mirror LOL we need to find a path to the Pathfinder :) Fox 5 news claims that our town, Medford, came in at #1 for snowfall here on the island with 33.5" and I believe it! some of what you see in that pic is drifted snow but man there sure was alot of UNdrifted snow too!

I did finish a few quilts this week! Hooray! The first is a companion quilt to Picture This, called Secondhand Strips and they are both made from the book Happy Hour by Atkinson designs!

And the second finish is a little toddler quilt for our neighbors' grandchild! This one is a Twisted 9 patch from I just LOVE her patterns! I have a queen-sized one of these planned for myself...hope to finish it by summertime!

I have been tracing alot of embroideries lately and getting my knitting and crochet sorted and ready for the next few weeks. I hope to be back at the sewing machine by the end of February, but we shall see how things go :)

Stay safe and Happy Early Valentines Day to you all!


Beth said...

I love your quilts! We got hammered by the storm this weekend, too - hope you're staying warm :)

Barbara said...

Hey Robin, amazing how only 2-3 hours south we only got 6 inches! It does bring a desire to hunker down with our projects. I especially love the movement in your twisted nine patch!