Friday, February 1, 2013

My January Finishes!

 OH MY GOSH is it February 1 already? I'm gonna look on the bright side and remind myself that that means it's one month closer to SPRING!

I did have some nice finishes this month! 

Orca Bay is all done...I love the backing I chose for this quilt!

 And so is Picture This! I tried a new, slightly larger panto for this and love how the quilting came out.

The companion quilt to Picture This, Secondhand Strips, is currently up on my frame so I did not finish that one entirely for January.

BUT I did get Easy Street finished to a top! So all is not lost :)

I hope to load Easy Street on to my frame by the end of the weekend. I am having surgery on Feb 12 and will most likely not be able to quilt for at least 3-4 weeks afterwards so it's imperative that if I load it, I finish it...otherwise it might be on the frame awhile! LOL I also have a kiddie quilt in the queue so I may load that one instead and wait on Easy Street. 

So that's it for my January Finishes! I'm hoping to keep this momentum going throughout 2013, 'cause for me it's all about Getting it DONE!


The Other Barb said...

What a great backing for Orca Bay! I might have to copy..ok?
I've been hand stitching a "Picture This" quilt I did in Asian fabrics.Love the way yours turned out~

Barbara said...

Beautiful work, Robin, I also love your Orca Bay quilt, front and back! Please have someone update us if you aren't up to it after surgery. Will be good to know you are chomping at the bit to get back to blog land! Be well...

Liz said...

Wow! Go, girl, go! Those are beautiful!

Conni said...

Congrats on the finishes!