Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Folks...

They just NEVER update their blogs, ya know? Man, what is UP with those kinds of folks??? 

Oh...wait...that would be me ;)

Well enough of THOSE KINDS of's an update for you! I've been busy over the last few months and thought you all might want to see what's I've been working on! 

This is a mini album quilt that is quilted and bound. It's from the book "Prairie Children and their Quilts".

Here's a fun Yellow Brick Road for my Niece Carrie who had a healthy bouncing baby boy, Aidan, on November  22!

 Since Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery, Grand Illusion, was approaching fast I figured I had better get last year's mystery, Celtic Solstice, to at least a top! Hooray! Now to get it quilted. Did you notice Roll Roll Cotton Boll peeking out from under the other top? What can I say...I love me some Bonnie quilts!!

 Here's a fun modern Churn Dash top that needs quilting as well.

These next 3 somewhat-minis are from the Kim Diehl "Simple Whatnots Club" and I just loved sewing them up! 

 And this last Valentine-themed quilt top is the Star Plus from Machenundtun and it worked up very quickly and made a small dent in my pink/red/brown stash!

So as you can see, I haven't been a total sewing-slouch ;) I do have a significant backlog of quilting to do! I'm currently working on the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Grand Illusion and will post some pics of that shortly, so check back soon!


Barbara said...

Well Robin, you have made up for being absent. Absolutely beautiful work, and although I love Bonnie Hunter designs, I have completed zero! I like them enough to start, but that's it. I really enjoyed seeing your minis. I've started to make them now, and think that's to be my new forte at this point in life. From now on...

Donna Coffey said...

Love your update! So happy to see all the great photos of your beautiful quilts! I love, love, love the Simple Whatnots Club quilts, especially the top one. OK, so that's now you and me, blogging up a storm... stitch, blog, quilt, blog... See you soon!

Jack Sprat said...

Your Celtic Solstice is just beautiful - the "circles" are so well defined by the choice of fabric. The modern Churn Dash is beautiful also - how are you going to quilt it? I am almost finished with step 2 of the mystery quilt. Hope to see you at strippers on Friday.