Monday, July 13, 2009


OH GOSH!! Sorry for the yelling, but I am just too excited ;) I'm a mama! I mean the OTHER robin's a mama! LOL Today on the way out the door, I made Bill stick his head in the nest and check the babies...2 little hairless chickies greeted him and one more was there when we came home! Mama did a good job of cleaning out the eggshells from the nest sign of 'em in the nest or on the ground! She's back sitting on the babies as the sun was setting tonight! Nothing like being 2 days old and featherless! LOL


misswrite said...

Oh, poor little precious naked babies! I have a swallow's nest over my front porch, and they usually have two batches of 4 - 5 babies each every year.

There are just two in there that I can tell right now, but it's so wonderful to see them. I'll miss them when they finally fledge.

Congratulations on your new little ones. :D

Liz said...

Looks like chicken breast. lol I hope those little dudes get some feathers soon! Then I'll be able to say their cute. But I'm not saying that now! :o)

Conni said...

Awe! Congrats, little Mama! Your bouncin' babies are...umm...cute?!!

Michelle said... tiny. They'll be even cuter when they get a few more feathers! :)