Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dino Chicks!

I think someone stuck some Velociraptor babies in where the cute hairless chicks were! This is a pic from this past Monday...ooooo scary babies! LOL rather Jurassic park-ish! They are sure keeping Mama and Papa robin busy with the worms and bugs and all! They should be fledging by early next week so I'll keep you all posted!!

Oh and for some quilt-worthy news, I have finished my first Christmas-In-July project for the month! Peg, Michelle and I are doing a little challenge for this month with Christmas-related projects and Peg is in the lead! LOL So here's my teeny Thimbleberries tree quilt, jingle bells and all!


Michelle said...

We need more video of your baby dinosaurs, err...I mean baby birds!

Good job on the CIJ finish...I'm such a loser! July is almost over! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love these cold weather subjects that take my focus off our heat and humidity. It's a lovely little quilt!

Anonymous said...

PS: Forgot to mention the little baby birds. They are cute in their own way. ;)