Friday, July 24, 2009

Flora and Fauna

Here's a little front-yard flora for you! Just a pretty pic of my purple coneflower and my portulacas ;) I love portulacas and find them to be a very underrated flower! They're part of the succulent family, grow great in the ground or containers and are very drought tolerant. And they come in a rainbow of colors! The main draw-back is that the flowers only last a day or so..but it blooms all summer long ;)

And of course what better fauna than another shot of those baby birds! LOL They're alot bigger now and will be leaving the nest by early next week!


peggy said...

Aye carumba...those birdies got big quick!!! I'll bet they will be gone by this time next week....

Michelle said...

Very pretty flowers Robin! The birdies have gotten huge! You and Bill did a great job getting pics of those little guys.

Anonymous said... birds grow fast! Are they out of the nest now that it's 5 days later?